Finding that ideal new team member can be time consuming. From creating the job description to designing the advert and using the appropriate platforms – we can provide you with that extra pair of hands by providing a bespoke recruitment package assisting you from start to finish, ensuring that the on-boarding process is a positive experience for your new employee and that they are engaged from day one.

Applications all over place – Spreadsheets. Emails. Even paper copies sprawled across your desk? Poor communication between your team and candidates slowing the whole process down?

It may be time to start looking for some recruitment software. Our recruitment software partner, hireful are here to help you hire. You can have a system that’s tailored to give you what you need, with the flexibility to manage all your recruitment with ease.

Here are just a few of the ways hireful’s ATS can help you recruit better:

Save time by setting up automated emails, auto-reject questions & self-service interview scheduling.

Attract the right talent by having a free careers page that shows off your employer brand.

Improve candidate experience by using our short but effective application forms, easy-apply job board integrations, interview & new hire surveys. Not to mention the onboarding platform too.

Work better together and see what your colleagues’ think of each candidate in real time, by using notes, scoring and more. Plus, you can control what roles your Hiring Managers see, so they don’t have information overload.


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